WDS Insurance Support Services

WDS provides its insurance company clients with support services such as performing wildfire risk assessments at policyholders’ properties to assist with underwriting decisions.

WDS Policyholder Education Services

WDS provides its insurance company clients with services that educate their policyholders on wildfire risks and management. These education services include the identification of potential risks at a property and provide policyholders with the tools to help effectively reduce identified potential risks.

WDS Consulting Services

WDS provides consulting services related to wildfire risk-mitigation strategies. We work with clients to design or implement systems that manage and reduce the risk of wildfire.

WDS Policyholder Examination Services

WDS is staffed with trained wildfire professionals that are dispatched to policyholders’ properties to identify potential wildfire threats. WDS then prepares a report that provides specific mitigation strategies and techniques that reduce identified wildfire threats.

WDS Wildfire Monitoring Services

At our headquarters in Bozeman, Montana, WDS has a team monitoring fires year-round. Analysts work with our in-house wildfire experts, reviewing and analyzing fire activity before response resources are dispatched.

WDS Wildfire Response Services

The experienced fleet and field staff at WDS monitor wildfire activity 365 days-a-year and position firefighting resources across a 20-state service area to optimize wildfire response services.