Loss Prevention Services

WDS Wildfire Loss Prevention Services provide insurers a more thorough understanding of elevated risks, while creating a more “fire-hardened” book of business. WDS provides services to design or update underwriting requirements, analyze geographic and site data to identify wildfire risk level and educate policyholders on steps to reduce risk to their property prior to a wildfire event. To deliver wildfire loss prevention programs, WDS provides a host of selections to address insurer wildfire program requirements including:

  • Risk modeling

  • Property risk analysis

  • On-site consultation and education

  • WDSpro mobile application [pat. pend.] (on-site data collection tool to assess risk)

  • Expert fire officer reviews, and

  • Wildfire report production

Wildfire Assessment Process

This combination of elements creates a wildfire assessment process; an underwriting supplement to evaluate wildfire threat level and address any necessary mitigation required before binding new policies or annual renewal of policies. WDS is currently performing approximately 10,000 wildfire assessments per year, which reflects our position as the largest national provider of NWCG 310-1 (National Wildfire Training Code) qualified wildfire risk assessment services.


WDSrisk provides users with an easy-to-understand wildfire risk score for evaluated properties using a proprietary algorithm considering an array of wildfire risk elements. Risk scores can be utilized for underwriting decision making.

The WDSrisk score is enhanced when coupled with WDSpro data by providing the risks of onsite factors within the home ignition zone.


WDSpro is a cost-effective mobile application that allows users to complete hazard assessments of properties from their mobile phone or tablet.

The WDSpro report works in conjunction with WDSrisk and WDSed by enhancing risk scores for underwriters and providing wildfire education for homeowners.


The mission of WDSed is to provide wildfire behavior and hazard education, reaching both homeowners and insurers. This is done through property inspections and evaluations, and continuing education workshops.

Paired with WDSpro, our education program allows insurers to provide homeowners the knowledge to understand wildfire risk and recommendations for mitigation actions.


For more information on programs or services contact WDS United States Office at 406.586.5400

For fire response related inquiries during a wildfire contact our operations center at 877.323.4730 x. 1